New Hampshire APRS Link Station

for the Appalachian Golden Packet Event

Bob Bruninga,, Annapolis, MD

2013 Planning: Richard, N2SPI is activating a new mountain (Equinox) to try to fill in the gap between Sam's Point, Greylock and Mt Washington this year. See the summary spread sheet.

2012 Planning: This site was not manned in 2012 and was the broken link in the overall GOlden Packet Attempt on Saturday 21 July.

2011 Report: No volunteer found. Without a link station we lose a lot of link margin trying to make Greylock to Mt Washington in one hop... See RF link to Mt Washington.

2010 Report: Unmanned.

2009 Report: We attempted to switch over the N1NCI-3 digipeater to the event frquency, but on event day, there was a radio problem. See the 2009 New Hampshire N1NCI Report

See the Golden Packet plan. . This is one of the 15 hill-top sites from Georgia to Maine we hope to visit this summer on 26 July for 6 hours to attempt to relay a text message using hand-held radios the 2000 mile length of the Appalachain trail. This is to be a no impact Leave-No-Trace type of event of a few individuals at each site. . Other hikers equipped with APRS ham radios are welcome to participate with advance notice.

New Hampshire needs a link station that is ideally situated between Mount Greylock to the Southwest and Mount Washington to the Northeast to help provide plenty of link margin to overcome the intermod and RFI at those sites. APRS maps indicate that there is an APRS digipeater already in a pretty good location at N1NCI-3. This digipeater is operated by the CCDX club.

ALTITUDE: . . . . . . . . . . . . 1230 feet (Antenna 320' above that)

POSITION: . . . . . . . . . . . . 43-02.00N / 72-22.04W

LINK NORTHEAST: . . . . Mount Washington. Easy drive-up. See RF details by KX4O
LINK SOUTHWEST: . . . . Mount Greylock. Easy drive-up. See RF details by KX4O

REPEATERS:. . . . . . . . . .
DIGIEATER: . . . . . . . . . . N1NCI-3

TEAM LEADER:. . . . . . . Dale Paquin [n1nci*]


Dale reports that he has access to Comstudy software and operates the N1NCI digi that can link between Greylock and Mt Washington (we hope). See the info on his N1NCI-3 digipeater .

DETAIL LINK ANALYSIS BY KX4O: Be sure to follow the two RF links at the top of this page to see the excellent and very detailed RF link analysis performed for every link in this project by KX4O John Huggins. Each RF link shows the terrain map elevations, the AT trail in yellow, the RF path loss itself including fresnel zones and finally a statistical plot of the probabilities of link availability. We will very much be looking at the results of this project compared to the pre-event analysis and predictions. All of KX4O's links are shown on his AT Links Page.

And onward from the N1NCI-3 digipeater to Mount Washington also looks good.

Vermont: N1BQ-3 Comments: East of Burlington: Brian B. Riley [brianbr*] reports: I am spitting distance here from "The Long Trail" which predates the AT. It runs from Mass border to canadian border. The AT and the LT are one in the same until it passes Killington Peak in the middle of the state. At that point the AT departs from the LT heading more or less due East crossing the Connecticut River and running through streets of Hanover, NH (Dartmouth College) and back into the hills heading toward the White Mountains. So I am about 60 miles North of the AT


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