Voice Contact with Space Station
2005 Army/Navy Game Football Run

USNA Satellite Ground Station, Bob Bruninga, WB4APR

This unscheduled contact with International Space Station Commander LCOL Bill McArthur was made on Satruday at 1355 EST while we were doing routine preparations for a pass of the USNA Satellite PCSAT2 (which is attached to the outside of the Space Station). Bill caught us by surprise as it is very rare for them to find time to get on the radio. And we caught him just as our antennas reached zero degrees elevation and ISS was passing east way out over the Atlantic.

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Only the ISS side of the conversation was recorded by Al, KD4SFF in South Carolina, since he could only hear the downlink. Below is a transcript which includes what we were saying to him on the uplink.

NA1SS This is W3ADO, US Naval Academy

  • Naval Academy station calling, say again please...

    This is W3ADO, US Naval Academy
    Whiskey Three Alpha Delta Oscar

  • Well, I cant resist...
  • uh Thanks so much for the contact...
  • You're a good 59.

    We are also the operators of the PCSAT2 payload on ISS
    and we just want to thank you for your efforts in installing and keeping MISSE5/PCSAT2 running for us.

  • W3ADO 73's...
  • and Gosh, sure appreciate working with you guys..
  • Good luck ... Hope its a great game on Saturday

    Yes, we will be using PCSAT2 for tracking the Army/Navy Game football from Annapolis to Philly
    on Friday and so we look forward to the event.

  • And 73's to your guys, NA1SS, QSL

    For those of you not familiar with some of the amateur radio jargon, here are some definitions:
  • W3ADO - is the callsign of the Naval Academy Radio club which has existed since 1928
  • N1ISS - is the callsign of the Amateur Radio Station on the International Space Station
  • PCSAT2 - is the Academy's 2nd satellite just launched in July and attached to the outside of the ISS
  • Football Run - The annual USNA running of the Ball from Annapolis to Philly
  • 73's - is an old morse code abbreviation for Best Wishes
  • 59 - means your signal is sounding great on a scale of 5 and 9
  • QSL - means I acknowledge receipt of your last transmission.
    Too bad he was Army, but then when we win on Saturday, we will call him back and crow a little...