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Environmental Harmony, Annapolis Friends Meeting

Pagemaster: Bob Bruninga, PE
Meeting House and Lands Committee
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This page serves to collect information on the plans and drawings from our architect Evan Lippencott regarding our Building for the Future Meeting house.

The full report is now available: download

Earlier Drafts and drawings are listed here:

  • Original plan

  • New Building Scheme A
  • New Building Scheme B
  • New Building Scheme C
  • New Building Scheme D
  • How D would look on Google Earth (rev c)
  • BFF Report to MFB on 4 March (document)

    Lot Coverage Concerns: A key driver of the design is to make sure that the structure fits on our lot without exceeding the County lot coverage limits for our property which is in the Chesapeake Bay Critical Area. These concerns are addressed in the new report.

    Surrounding Area:

    The Meeting house is surrounded by almost 50 acres of properties that are mostly natural areas. This includes the Luce creek watershed and a few other faith communities. We try to maintain a nature trail and have connected it to the many informal trails in the area and in particular the Unitarian Trail next door.

    This trail not only highlights the nature around us but also our many initiatives to clean up our energy, our water and our air. Examples are our solar panels, our rain barrels, our permeable parking lot and rain gardens as well as the many Unitarian initiatives such as their geothermal heating and cooling system and new raingarden and permeable sidewalks.


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    Bob Bruninga, PE