14 Dec 21 Added APATAR ATA-R APRS Digipeater by TA7W/OH2UDS and TA6AEU 26 Sep 21 Added APRRDZ EPS32 https://github.com/dl9rdz/rdz_ttgo_sonde 18 Sep 21 Added APCSS for AMSAT Cubesat Simulator https://cubesatsim.org 16 Sep 21 Added APY05D for Yaesu FT5D series 04 Sep 21 APLOxx LoRa KISS TNC/Tracker https://github.com/SQ9MDD/TTGO-T-Beam-LoRa-APRS 24 Aug 21 Added APLSxx SARIMESH http://www.sarimesh.net 22 Aug 21 Added APE2Ax for VA3NNW's Email-2-APRS ap 30 Jun 21 Added APCNxx for carNET by DG5OAW 14 Jun 21 Added APN2xx for NOSaprs JNOS 2.0 - VE4KLM 24 Apr 21 Added APMPAD for DF1JSL's WXBot clone and extension 20 Apr 21 Added APLCxx for APRScube by DL3DCW 19 Apr 21 Added APVMxx for DRCC-DVM Voice (Digital Radio China Club) 13 Apr 21 Added APIxxx for all Dstar ICOMS (APRS via DPRS) 23 MAr 20 Added APW9xx For 9A9Y Weather Tracker 16 Feb 21 Added API970 for I com 9700 2020 Added APHBLx,APIZCI,APLGxx,APLTxx,APNVxx,APY300,APESPG,APESPW APGDTx,APOSWx,APOSBx,APBT62,APCLUB,APMQxx 2019 Added APTPNx,APJ8xx,APBSDx,APNKMX,APAT51,APMGxx,APTCMA, APATxx,APQTHx,APLIGx 2018 added APRARX,APELKx,APGBLN,APBKxx,APERSx,APTCHE 2017 Added APHWxx,APDVxx,APPICO,APBMxx,APP6xx,APTAxx,APOCSG,APCSMS, APPMxx,APOFF,APDTMF,APRSON,APDIGI,APSAT,APTBxx,APIExx, APSFxx 2016 added APYSxx,APINxx,APNICx,APTKPT,APK004,APFPRS,APCDS0,APDNOx 2015 Added APSTPO,APAND1,APDRxx,APZ247,APHTxx,APMTxx,APZMAJ APB2MF,APR2MF,APAVT5 In APRS, the AX.25 Destination address is not used for packet routing as is normally done in AX.25. So APRS uses it for two things. The initial APxxxx is used as a group identifier to make APRS packets instanantly recognizable on shared channels. Most applicaitons ignore all non APRS packets. The remaining 4 xxxx bytes of the field are available to indicate the software version number or application. The following applications have requested a TOCALL number series: Authors with similar alphabetic requirements are encouraged to share their address space with other software. Work out agreements amongst yourselves and keep me informed. APn 3rd digit is a number AP1WWX TAPR T-238+ WX station AP1MAJ Martyn M1MAJ DeLorme inReach Tracker AP4Rxy APRS4R software interface APnnnD Painter Engineering uSmartDigi D-Gate DSTAR Gateway APnnnU Painter Engineering uSmartDigi Digipeater APA APAFxx AFilter. APAGxx AGATE APAGWx SV2AGW's AGWtracker APALxx Alinco DR-620/635 internal TNC digis. "Hachi" ,JF1AJE APAXxx AFilterX. APAHxx AHub APAND1 APRSdroid (pre-release) http://aprsdroid.org/ APAMxx Altus Metrum GPS trackers APATAR ATA-R APRS Digipeater by TA7W/OH2UDS and TA6AEU APAT8x for Anytone. 81 for 878 HT APAT51 for Anytone AT-D578UV APRS mobile radio APAVT5 SainSonic AP510 which is a 1watt tracker APAWxx AGWPE APB APBxxx Beacons or Rabbit TCPIP micros? APB2MF DL2MF - MF2APRS Radiosonde for balloons APBLxx BigRedBee BeeLine APBLO MOdel Rocketry K7RKT APBKxx PY5BK Bravo Tracker in Brazil APBPQx John G8BPQ Digipeater/IGate APBMxx BrandMeister DMR Server for R3ABM APBSDx HamBSD https://hambsd.org/ APBT62 BTech DMR 6x2 APC APCxxx Cellular applications APCBBx VE7UDP Blackberry Applications APCDS0 Leon Lessing ZS6LMG's cell tracker APCLEY EYTraker GPRS/GSM tracker by ZS6EY APCLEZ Telit EZ10 GSM application ZS6CEY APCLUB Brazil APRS network APCLWX EYWeather GPRS/GSM WX station by ZS6EY APCNxx for carNET by DG5OAW APCSMS for Cosmos (used for sending commands @USNA) APCSS for AMSAT cubesats https://cubesatsim.org APCWP8 John GM7HHB, WinphoneAPRS APCYxx Cybiko applications APD APD4xx UP4DAR platform APDDxx DV-RPTR Modem and Control Center Software APDFxx Automatic DF units APDGxx D-Star Gateways by G4KLX ircDDB APDHxx WinDV (DUTCH*Star DV Node for Windows) APDInn DIXPRS - Bela, HA5DI APDIGI Used by PSAT2 to indicate the digi is ON APDIGI digi ON for PSAT2 and QIKCOM-2 APDKxx KI4LKF g2_ircddb Dstar gateway software APDNOx APRSduino by DO3SWW APDOxx ON8JL Standalone DStar Node APDPRS D-Star originated posits APDRxx APRSdroid Android App http://aprsdroid.org/ APDSXX SP9UOB for dsDigi and ds-tracker APDTxx APRStouch Tone (DTMF) APDTMF digi off mode on QIKCOM2 and DTMF ON APDUxx U2APRS by JA7UDE APDVxx OE6PLD's SSTV with APRS status exchange APDWxx DireWolf, WB2OSZ APE APExxx Telemetry devices APE2Ax VA3NNW's Email-2-APRS ap APECAN Pecan Pico APRS Balloon Tracker APELKx WB8ELK balloons APERXQ Experimental tracker by PE1RXQ APERSx Runner tracking by Jason,KG7YKZ APESPG ESP SmartBeacon APRS-IS Client APESPW ESP Weather Station APRS-IS Client APF APFxxx Firenet APFGxx Flood Gage (KP4DJT) APFIxx for APRS.FI OH7LZB, Hessu APFPRS for FreeDV by Jeroen PE1RXQ APG APGxxx Gates, etc APGOxx for AA3NJ PDA application APGBLN for NW5W's GoBalloon APGDTx for VK4FAST's Graphic Data Terminal APH APHKxx for LA1BR tracker/digipeater APHAXn SM2APRS by PY2UEP APHBLx for DMR Gateway by Eric - KF7EEL APHTxx HMTracker by IU0AAC APHWxx for use in "HamWAN API API282 for ICOM IC-2820 API31 for ICOM ID-31 API410 for ICOM ID-4100 API51 for ICOM ID-51 API510 for ICOM ID-5100 API710 for ICOM IC-7100 API80 for ICOM IC-80 API880 for ICOM ID-880 API910 for ICOM IC-9100 API92 for ICOM IC-92 API970 for ICOM 9700 APICQx for ICQ APICxx HA9MCQ's Pic IGate APIExx W7KMV's PiAPRS system APINxx PinPoint by AB0WV APIZCI hymTR IZCI Tracker by TA7W/OH2UDS and TA6AEU APJ APJ8xx Jordan / KN4CRD JS8Call application APJAxx JavAPRS APJExx JeAPRS APJIxx jAPRSIgate APJSxx javAPRSSrvr APJYnn KA2DDO Yet another APRS system APK APK0xx Kenwood TH-D7's APK003 Kenwood TH-D72 APK004 Kenwood TH-D74 APK1xx Kenwood D700's APK102 Kenwood D710 APKRAM KRAMstuff.com - Mark. G7LEU APL APLCxx APRScube by DL3DCW APLGxx LoRa Gateway/Digipeater OE5BPA APLIGx LightAPRS - TA2MUN and TA9OHC APLOxx LoRa KISS TNC/Tracker APLQRU Charlie - QRU Server APLMxx WA0TQG transceiver controller APLSxx SARIMESH ( http://www.sarimesh.net ) APLTxx LoRa Tracker - OE5BPA APM APMxxx MacAPRS, APMGxx PiCrumbs and MiniGate - Alex, AB0TJ APMIxx SQ3PLX http://microsat.com.pl/ APMPAD DF1JSL's WXBot clone and extension APMQxx Ham Radio of Things WB2OSZ APMTxx LZ1PPL for tracker APN APNxxx Network nodes, digis, etc APN2xx NOSaprs for JNOS 2.0 - VE4KLM APN3xx Kantronics KPC-3 rom versions APN9xx Kantronics KPC-9612 Roms APNAxx WB6ZSU's APRServe APNDxx DIGI_NED APNICx SQ5EKU http://sq5eku.blogspot.com/ APNK01 Kenwood D700 (APK101) type APNK80 KAM version 8.0 APNKMP KAM+ APNKMX KAM-XL APNMxx MJF TNC roms APNPxx Paccom TNC roms APNTxx SV2AGW's TNT tnc as a digi APNUxx UIdigi APNVxx SQ8L's VP digi and Nodes APNXxx TNC-X (K6DBG) APNWxx SQ3FYK.com WX/Digi and SQ3PLX http://microsat.com.pl/ APO APRSpoint APOFF Used by PSAT and PSAT2 to indicate the digi is OFF APOLUx for OSCAR satellites for AMSAT-LU by LU9DO APOAxx OpenAPRS - Greg Carter APOCSG For N0AGI's APRS to POCSAG project APOD1w Open Track with 1 wire WX APOSBx openSPOT3 by HA2NON at sharkrf.com APOSWx openSPOT2 APOTxx Open Track APOU2k Open Track for Ultimeter APOZxx www.KissOZ.dk Tracker. OZ1EKD and OZ7HVO APP APP6xx for APRSlib APPICx DB1NTO' PicoAPRS APPMxx DL1MX's RTL-SDR pytohon Igate APPTxx KetaiTracker by JF6LZE, Takeki (msg capable) APQ APQxxx Earthquake data APQTHx W8WJB's QTH.app APR APR8xx APRSdos versions 800+ APR2MF DL2MF - MF2APRS Radiosonde WX reporting APRARX VK5QI's radiosonde tracking APRDxx APRSdata, APRSdr APRGxx aprsg igate software, OH2GVE APRHH2 HamHud 2 APRKxx APRStk APRNOW W5GGW ipad application APRRTx RPC electronics APRS Generic, (obsolete. Digis should use APNxxx instead) APRSON Used by PSAT to indicate the DIGI is ON APRXxx >40 APRSmax APRXxx <39 for OH2MQK's igate APRTLM used in MIM's and Mic-lites, etc APRtfc APRStraffic APRSTx APRStt (Touch tone) APS APSxxx APRS+SA, etc APSARx ZL4FOX's SARTRACK APSAT digi ON for QIKCOM-1 APSCxx aprsc APRS-IS core server (OH7LZB, OH2MQK) APSFxx F5OPV embedded devices - was APZ40 APSK63 APRS Messenger -over-PSK63 APSK25 APRS Messenger GMSK-250 APSMSx Paul Dufresne's SMSGTE - SMS Gateway APSTMx for W7QO's Balloon trackers APSTPO for N0AGI Satellite Tracking and Operations APT APT2xx Tiny Track II APT3xx Tiny Track III APTAxx K4ATM's tiny track APTBxx TinyAPRS by BG5HHP Was APTAxx till Sep 2017 APTCHE PU3IKE in Brazil TcheTracker/Tcheduino APTCMA CAPI tracker - PU1CMA Brazil APTIGR TigerTrack APTKPT TrackPoint N0LP APTPNx TARPN Packet Node Tracker by KN4ORB http://tarpn.net/ APTTxx Tiny Track APTWxx Byons WXTrac APTVxx for ATV/APRN and SSTV applications APU APU1xx UIview 16 bit applications APU2xx UIview 32 bit apps APU3xx UIview terminal program APUDRx NW Digital Radio's UDR (APRS/Dstar) APV APVxxx Voice over Internet applications APVMxx DRCC-DVM Digital Voice (Digital Radio China Club) APVRxx for IRLP APVLxx for I-LINK APVExx for ECHO link APW APWxxx WinAPRS, etc APW9xx 9A9Y Weather Tracker APWAxx APRSISCE Android version APWSxx DF4IAN's WS2300 WX station APWMxx APRSISCE KJ4ERJ APWWxx APRSISCE win32 version APX APXnnn Xastir APXRnn Xrouter APY APYxxx Yaesu Radios APY008 Yaesu VX-8 series APY01D Yaesu FT1D series APY02D Yaesu FT2D series APY03D Yaesu FT3D series APY05D Yaesu FT5D series APY100 Yaesu FTM-100D series APY300 Yaesu FTM-300D series APY350 Yaesu FTM-350 series APY400 Yaesu FTM-400D series APZ APZxxx Experimental APZ200 old versions of JNOS APZ247 for UPRS NR0Q APZ0xx Xastir (old versions. See APX) APZMAJ Martyn M1MAJ DeLorme inReach Tracker APZMDR for HaMDR trackers - hessu * hes.iki.fi] APZPAD Smart Palm APZTKP TrackPoint, Nick N0LP (Balloon tracking)(depricated) APZWIT MAP27 radio (Mountain Rescue) EI7IG APZWKR GM1WKR NetSked application REGISTERED TOCALL ALTNETS: -------------------------- ALTNETS are uses of the AX-25 tocall to distinguish specialized traffic that may be flowing on the APRS-IS, but that are not intended to be part of normal APRS distribution to all normal APRS software operating in normal (default) modes. Proper APRS software that honors this design are supposed to IGNORE all ALTNETS unless the particular operator has selected an ALTNET to monitor for. An example is when testing; an author may want to transmit objects all over his map for on-air testing, but does not want these to clutter everyone's maps or databases. He could use the ALTNET of "TEST" and client APRS software that respects the ALTNET concept should ignore these packets. An ALTNET is defined to be ANY AX.25 TOCALL that is NOT one of the normal APRS TOCALL's. The normal TOCALL's that APRS is supposed to process are: ALL, BEACON, CQ, QST, GPSxxx and of course APxxxx. The following is a list of ALTNETS that may be of interest to other users. This list is by no means complete, since ANY combination of characters other than APxxxx are considered an ALTNET. But this list can give consisntecy to ALTNETS that may be using the global APRS-IS and need some special recognition. Here are some ideas: SATERN - Salvation Army Altnet AFMARS - Airforce Mars AMARS - Army Mars